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Compliance / Corporate and Social Responsibility

UNITED MARKETS & MINERALS, is compliant with local laws and regulatory requirements. It is our duty to keep our staff and member aware of all rules.

We believe in Integrity, honesty, ethics, moral and fairness in our business. Environmental and social responsibility are part of our values. We expect our contractors, suppliers, joint venture and alliance partners to respect our Business Principles. We apply strict policy rules, in business relation with our clients and partners.

Gift policy:

UMM has set up internal rules and limitations in accepting gifts of all forms, that might appear to place them under an obligation. Individual gifts can not exceed EUR/USD 100.00 (hundred) per year. Any gift above our limits, will be rejected or offered to a charity partner. We expect the same ethical standards with our business.


Best of all, UMM is also committed to give a financial support to some selected charity organizations, on several fields of activities, such as : health, education, women empowerment, environment, economic information, wildlife and sustainable development. Our yearly donation is, around 20, to 35%, of our net profit.